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2/1/2018 - Soarcast is now back up and IN THE CLOUD after nearly nine years of nearly hands-off operation. Not sure I'll ever do the rewrite thing, but I figured I should talk about it anyway. :)

2/23/2009 - Soarcast is on a new server, and thanks to my friend Andy, a few performance tweaks have made the site significantly faster than before. Also, in case you couldn't tell, I kinda lost the momentum on the rewrite. I'll pick it up eventually. In the meantime, just hoping to get off the ground again soon!

3/16/2007 - Development continues. I've now built a framework for the new site and am not far from beginning to harvest data. This is a complete rewrite so there will undoubtedly be new bugs in the ever-increasing featureset.

2/8/2007 - After quite some time, I have started working on a rewrite of Soarcast to fix some long standing bugs, improve the interface, and add features. I have several very generous people donating some time and effort to some improved condition checking logic. Check back often to see what's new! I will be posting a link as soon as I have something worth showing. :)

6/7/2006 - After a little over three months of flying and not much development, I've moved the beta site to full production after testing the gauges and new lights for a few months. Added/changed several new views to the site (week at a glance, all dates in times, etc). Also added McClure to the site list. Let me know what you think!

3/4/2006 - Added fog forecasting for all of the costal pilots out there. Check it out on the beta site. It will be moved to the regular site after it's run stably for a while.

3/3/2006 - Found and killed several display bugs that were causing incorrect evaluation of conditions under certain circumstances. Enjoy more accurate forecasts! :)

2/24/2006 - The rewrite is taking more time than I expected, and important stuff like flying has been getting in the way. I added Mission, Mt. Diablo, and Mt. Tamalpias in the meantime. Added a few more visual enhancements. See if you can figure out what they are! Also added the links page. Lastly, and certainly not least, I added google maps integration. Click any launch name from the main menu and you'll get a google map with a marker on the launch! Yes, it would appear I've been busy! :)

1/28/2006 - After a few days of testing, and lots of positive feedback (thanks guys!), the new layout has been moved to the www site. The rewrite to support the better database is coming along nicely... I expect to have it in beta within a week or so. For you people who have been requesting sites added to the list, thanks for your patience! I promise it will be worth the wait!

1/25/2006 - Another overhaul on the look of the site. I'm very happy with the new layout... it will probably keep this general form for quite some time. That new layout can be previewed on the beta site.

1/21/2006 - Added a contact form instead of the email link (mostly because I despise spam). Also added the Nor Cal Aero Club to the site list. Changed a few minor display settings... can you tell what they are? :)

1/14/2006 - Changed the layout a bit. Added some more to the "upcoming features" section. I also fixed yet another minor display bug. Let me know what you think!

1/11/2006 - Soarcast goes into "stable" production! You can still check out the beta site for the current test phase. All three sites (www, beta, and alpha) run live data at this point!

1/9/2006 - Added daylight calculation for sites so conditions will only be considered for daylight hours. Also fixed a few other minor display issues.

1/6/2006 - Fixed a few minor display issues, and added this news section. Also added alpha.soarcast.com for developmental purposes. Alpha does not use live data, but if you'd like to see the state of the site (however broken I may leave it), alpha is the bleeding edge version of soarcast. Please don't email me to tell me it's broken or has some weird issues. Chances are, I'm aware of them and are currently working them out...

1/5/2006 - Soarcast goes live in beta mode under beta.soarcast.com. The soarcast FAQ is born.

12/15/2005 - Sometime around the middle of December, I thought up the idea for Soarcast... development begins!


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The fine print: (c) 2006 soarcast.com. Soarcast makes no warranty to the accuracy of stated conditions.
Weather data gathered from the National Weather Service (noaa.gov). Accuracy of soarcast is at the mercy
of noaa.gov, so don't be mad at me if you show up somewhere to fly and it's no good! :)
Also, pliots need to use judgement when deciding whether or not to fly. Always stay within
your capabilities, and within USHGA guidelines for your rating and experience level.

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