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IMPORTANT UPDATE:Please email me directly using the instructions below. This form broke when I moved soarcast to a different hosting
provider. Until I get a chance to fix it, you'll just have to make do. :)

Want a new site added? Please make sure to provide GPS coordinates (in decimal form), best windspeed
range (in mph), marginal windspeed range, range in compass degrees of best wind directions, and again for
flyable wind directions. Here's an example.

NOTE: Your email address will NOT under ANY circumstance be shared with outside parties.
This is only provided so I am able to reply to your questions, comments, or concerns.

If this form is broken, or you don't hear back from me within 72 hours or so, please email
me at: mike (at) soarcast.com, removing the spaces and replacing the (at) with an @.

Want your favorite flying site added to soarcast? Use the contact us link.
See the faq for what information I need to add a site.


  Best conditions      Marginal conditions      Non-flyable

The fine print: (c) 2006 soarcast.com. Soarcast makes no warranty to the accuracy of stated conditions.
Weather data gathered from the National Weather Service (noaa.gov). Accuracy of soarcast is at the mercy
of noaa.gov, so don't be mad at me if you show up somewhere to fly and it's no good! :)
Also, pliots need to use judgement when deciding whether or not to fly. Always stay within
your capabilities, and within USHGA guidelines for your rating and experience level.

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